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basecoat renders & additives

specialist coatings for all substrates

Nutex Coating’s render products are manufactured using well-proven and tested formulations to create highly specialised coatings for all substrates. All our products are designed to be easy to use and offer a high level of performance. We do not omit or reduce essential ingredients.

Nutex Coatings polymer modified cement based basecoat renders are designed to be applied over masonry surfaces, new and old brickwork, FRC sheeting, precast panels or where patching, levelling or filling render is required.

Please refer to our Data Sheets under our Technical Information page for application guidelines.

NuREND Plus basecoat render


NuREND Plus is a premium basecoat render designed for smooth application for masonry surfaces. A thin coat is applied to brick or other masonry substrates, usually finished with a diamond float. It is an easy to work product and gives a very even surface ready for wet or dry texture.

NuREND Plus Basecoat

NuREND high build cement-based render

NuREND High Build

NuREND High build is a polymer modified, cement-based render for high-build application over masonry surfaces. It is manufactured to cover uneven brickwork, large rake joints and designed to be a lightweight product.

NuREND High Build Basecoat


RIB Basecoat

RIB Basecoat is a premium quality, lightweight, polymer modified render designed specifically for application to expanded polystyrene (EPS). This cement-based render is also manufactured for difficult surfaces, pre-cast panels, FC sheet and painted surfaces. This product is designed to give extra workability by speeding up the application and levelling process.

RIB Basecoat

NuCLAD Basecoat polymer modified render

NuCLAD Basecoat

NuCLAD Basecoat is a premium quality polymer modified render designed specifically for application to expanded polystyrene (EPS). This cement-based render is also manufactured for difficult surfaces, pre-cast panels, FC sheet and painted surfaces.

NuCLAD Basecoat

Romano Dado / Bond bonding and sealing agent

Romano Dado / Bond

Romano Dado / Bond is an extremely versatile bonding and sealing agent widely used in the building and renovating industry. Romano Dado / Bond was designed to be added to our basecoats to increase adhesion and strength. This product is also suitable to be used as a primer to reduce suction over highly absorbent substrates.

Romano / Dado Bond

NuREND Plus basecoat render

Romano Roman Render

ROMANO RENDER is a premium quality, cement based, render top coat. It has a fine sand suede finish. The product is very durable with a distinct design aesthetic that will produce a mottled distressed look brought about by weathering.


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If you would like to know more about our exterior coatings, wall renders & textures, EPS wall cladding, insulation and waterproofing systems, then please feel free to contact us today on (03) 9544 8666 or submit our enquiry form. Our staff look forward to assisting you and providing a solution to your situation.

Toscano Roman Render

Providing a fine sand suede finish, the NuTex Toscano Roman Render is an excellent natural sand/cement/oxide base coat that adds texture and protection to your exteriors. One of our most popular options, the Toscano Roman Render is a specialty NuTex mix that’s a perfect choice for homes and commercial builds alike.

The oxide adds tonality as natural weathering after application brings depth of texture out in your wall exteriors. Pairing with our range of column and parapet mouldings gives this application a great versatility across a range of architectural styles and palettes. Whether you’re an architect, builder, contractor or home-owner yourself, the Toscano Roman Render is an ideal for large and small-scale wall exteriors.

Contact NuTex on (03) 9544 8666 or fill in our online submission form to find out more about the Toscano Roman Render and our extended render supplies range. 

Acrylic Render

Every product has proven technological advances in acrylic polymer modification and functional additives. All Nutex Renders & Finishes in our product range offer high-impact strength combined with excellent adherence to dry, sound, and laitance-free surfaces. All Nutex acrylic renders & Finishes are formulated to specific substrate requirements. All are easy to apply by spray, trowel, or roller.

Contact NuTex on (03) 9544 8666 or use our online entry form to find out more about our acrylic render range and wider inventory of basecoats and topcoats. We’re Victoria’s leading manufacturer and direct sales service for premium acrylic render supplies.