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Architectural lightweight external mouldings

Gone are the days of heavy concrete mouldings that crack and require drilling and the use of screws and plugs. Recent advancements to building design styles and construction methods have lead to the introduction of lightweight external mouldings. Using the latest technology, Nutex Coatings are able to give you any shape, size and design of your choice that are easily installed using adhesive.

Nutex Coatings mouldings are lightweight and can help create the look of just about any architectural style or help in the restoration and conservation of historic buildings. Our mouldings enable you to decorate a contemporary or architecturally inspired building in a variety of themes such as Federation, Traditional, Gothic, Georgian, neo-Classical or Modern. Furthermore, our coatings are of the highest standard and you can expect a finished product that is both elegant and professional.

Please refer to our Technical Information page for Styles, Sizes and Installation Guidelines.

Disclaimer: Polystyrene starts to have a softening reaction above 80 Degrees Celcius, so please make sure lightweight mouldings are suitable for your project.

Here are some of the reasons why our mouldings are in a class of their own

  • Key advantages
  • Competitively priced
  • Lightweight
  • No mechanical fixing
  • Straight lines
  • Will not crack or de-laminate
  • Uniform sand finish
  • No primer required
  • Sharper design
  • Key benefits
  • Pay less to get more
  • One man operation
  • Lower Labour costs
  • No Return Visit
  • Matches render
  • Confidence in your work
  • Excellent surface for paint
  • No extra costs

Lightweight Parapet Mouldings & columns

Parapet mouldings are a great way to add architectural style to building exteriors while protecting and covering up seams in the construction of walls and columns. Ensuring that your parapets match the rendering used for your external walls ensures that your exterior functions and lasts as a cohesive unit, and that’s why you should consider NuTex mouldings as part of a larger NuTex external wall rendering project. Keep reading

Our parapet mouldings are lightweight, yet strong and long-lasting. Unlike old school concrete mouldings, our parapet mouldings will not crack and don’t require the use of screws to apply to your exteriors. They will not delaminate and don’t require primer. Coming with a uniform finish, they’re an easy surface to paint.

Whether you’re a builder, architect or even just an exterior wall rendering contractor, the complete NuTex package isn’t complete without our parapet mouldings. We stock a range of mouldings to suit a variety of styles, whether you’re building or renovating in a Federation, Gothic, neo-Classical, Georgian or modern contemporary style. Click here to look at the complete range of moulds on offer from NuTex.

If you would like to know more about our range of lightweight Architectural mouldings and columns then please feel free to contact us today on (03) 9544 8666 or submit our Enquiry form. Our friendly staff look forward to assisting you and providing a solution to your situation.

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Architectural lightweight external mouldings & columns Melbourne, Federation, Traditional